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New facebook fan page!

March 14th, 2010 · No Comments

Blogging takes up an awful lot of time which I would rather spend with friends and family enjoying life. However I really miss connecting with my readers and passing along info, recipes, etc. So I have started a facebook fan page so we can all connect and share our knowledge. I hope you will join me there!


Be well


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Another one for Victory Corner! Yay Nancy!

March 14th, 2010 · 1 Comment

This post is from one of my readers named Nancy. She is an amazing woman who took her health into her own hands and reversed her dysplasia and HPV. What an inspiration! Here’s her story in her own words:

The first time I was diagnosed with HPV was February 2009, I was 32 years old. A week prior getting the results from my doctor I went in for a routine pap test. I didn’t think anything of it because I always had normal results. When I got the dreadful call I was shocked. I had no clue what HPV was. This was our conversation.

Me: What is HPV?
Doctor: It’s a sexually transmitted virus.
Me (warning, may sound silly): How did I get it?
Doctor: Are you sexually active?
Me: Yes
Doctor: That’s how.

So simple yet I still couldn’t believe that I got it sexually because I thought I was extremely careful and responsible when it came to my sexual health. You’ll know what I mean when you read further.

As soon as I got off the phone I felt despondent and right away I hit the internet. 
Supposedly, women are at greater risk to contract HPV and develop into cervical dysplasia when they are: 

sexually active before the age of 16
multiple partners
 multiple pregnancies
…I have never been pregnant before nor did I ever smoke. The first time I was sexually active I was 21. I’ve slept with a whopping four men my whole life (including my fiancé). I’ve had every partner get tested for STIs. Everything was negative, BUT what I discovered men can NOT get tested for HPV in a routine check up. This is why I was so confused how I could have contracted this virus. So in other words anyone can get HPV as long as you are sexually active and men cannot even tell you if they have it unless they know from a previous relationship. Further, even if condoms are used you could still get this this virus because it is transmitted through skin contact.

My doctor had me come in for a cloposcopy. They discovered some abnormalities all around my cervix and went straight for the biopsy (which was so painful). I was then diagnosed with CIN1. Like every women who gets these results I was petrified. Who wants to be diagnosed with pre-cancer cells down there especially if you haven’t given birth yet? 

Fortunately, I found buellerskitchen.com. I felt it was a God send. I did my best to follow the diet to reverse the HPV and cervical dysplasia.

This is what I did diligently:
4 mg of Folic Acid
B12 supplement 1 a day

Mutli-Vitamin 1 a day

VRL Detox 1 capsule 2 times daily

Monolaurein 2 caps 2 times a day

Vitamin C – 1,000mg 4 times a day – 2,000 in the morning and 2 in the evening
Macrogreens powder twice a day.
Two servings of the actual dandelion vegetable
A cup of Green Tea once a day
Consume at least six servings of vegetables a day
Granny smith apple a day
Grapefruit every other day
Rice protein twice a day

Week 1:Vitanica – Vitamin A for 6 days (1 suppository each day for Days 1-6)

Day 7: Vitanica -  VagPack suppository (2 suppositories on Day 7

Week 2: 20 drops of Green Tea tincture over tampon for 6 days (1 suppository each day for Days 8-14)

Week 3:  Vag Pack suppositories (2 suppositories on Day 15)
One week off and then repeat cycle.
I repeated for 8 weeks.

When it came to Medicinal Mushrooms I didn’t start them until four months later. When I did I took one every other day.

Also, my diet was about 50-60% raw. I ate plenty of vegetables and nuts but I did eat cooked foods as well. I ate red meat only once a month if that, fish once a week, and poultry about once a week. I had plenty of legumes and rice in my diet. Sugar intake was at a minimal. I would spread some honey or agave nectar over rice bread in case of a sugar craving. Most importantly I tried to maintain an alkaline diet (drank lots of pure lemonade).

No smoking
No alcohol
No caffeine

One month before my scheduled pap test in September 2009 I purchased some tinctures (calendula, Vitamin A, green tea) and tampons from Whole Foods. I would then make my own vaginal suppositories with tinctures. I would leave the moist tampon inside me for about 12 hours. When I took it out the first time I noticed the tampon was clear except for a small blood spot. I repeated the process again at night, and then in the morning I noticed the same blood spot in the same area where I assumed it was located on my cervix. I then kept repeating this process until it all cleared up – no blood spot. It took about ten days.

September came and I was ready for my pap test. A week goes by and I got the call that I still have HPV. I went through the same emotions. I was despondent once again. I asked the doctor “how could I still have this virus when I’ve been taking good care of myself by eating right and consuming vitamins?” I was told “no diet or vitamins can help this virus. It doesn’t work that way.”

Well I didn’t want to believe that. So I went in for my 2nd cloposcopy and the great news was I had NO dysplasia. I was so happy. I was ecstatic. I maintained my regime and started adding:
SALMON OIL (by Wild Alaskan)
COCONUT OIL (by Jungle Products) in my diet
WHEATGRASS tablets (by Pines)

I then went back for another scheduled appointment in February 2010 and was thrilled to find out that my pap test was completely NORMAL. HPV NEGATIVE. I was speechless. I had a great day.

In a strange way being diagnosed with HPV was a blessing in disguise. This virus taught me how to eat healthy and take care of myself.

I only hope now that my experience with this virus and diet can only help someone who needs it.


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January 5th, 2010 · 1 Comment

I am mostly twittering these days instead of blogging. So follow me there: http://twitter.com/buellerskitchen

Happy New Year everyone!


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Bueller’s Perfect Pancakes

December 13th, 2009 · 2 Comments

1 cup brown rice flour
3/4 cup cooked cream of brown rice or cooked rice
2 tbs apricot kernel oil (or coconut oil, butter, or another oil)
2 eggs (optional can use 2 bananas instead)
1/4 cup Bob’s gluten free pancake mix
1 cup water, almond milk, or coconut water
1 tbs maple sugar (optional)
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp cloves
1 tsp guar gum
3/4 tsp cream of tartar
1/2 tsp sea salt
1 tsp baking powder (aluminum free)

Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl. Blend rice or cream of rice with liquid and eggs. Then add to dry mixture. Cook up on skillet with coconut oil and grass fed butter.

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Bueller’s Healthy Booty Camp

November 29th, 2009 · 12 Comments

n706680493_3720911_2869This is something I initially wrote for an online community, for friends/family who are not health nuts, do not study health or have a condition where they need to. Most of my friends have no idea they should be doing any of this so I wrote this to inspire them. It is a general guide of what has helped me in hopes it may help those who are not ready to make all the changes and who have never considered changing what they eat. It is very general for that purpose. It is meant to be a diving board into the pool of health not a mandate as to what is ideal health. I can tell my friend, ‘fish has mercury, don’t eat sushi’ but they are still going to go eat it. So at the very least maybe they will be motivated to get tested and at least find out their levels. Or maybe they’ll check their Vitamin D, etc.

This is all purely my opinion. I am not a doctor or a nutritionist. I am just a friend who has had such great success following these guidelines (having not been sick for a year now) that I wanted to pass it along. I have been studying nutrition for 3 years now and this is just what I have learned works for me and maybe it will help you. Do your own research and make up your own minds and be sure to talk to your doctor before making any health changes in your life.

190 of my 570 friends will get cancer. This is based on the most recent statistic that 1 in 3 people will get cancer.

5 of my 570 friends have cancer. 2 are in their 30′s and were diagnosed in the last 6 months and all have irreversible kinds they will live with for life. They have all learned to manage their condition mostly through the use of diet but also by using treatments from eastern and western medicine. They have all stopped it in it’s tracks (and those are just the ones I know of as there may be more of you I don’t know about). I myself have had a pre-cancerous condition that I reversed using the guideline below.

142 of my 570 friends will die from cancer (based on the most recent stats that 1 in 4 people will die from cancer). 142 of you!!! I’m sad to say, one dear old friend has already passed on. The picture below of us baking when we were young. You can read my post: A Tribute to a Childhood Friend. I was motivated to write this guide because I look at that picture and I think, these two little girls have no idea what is ahead of them. If they were my daughters what would I tell them now so they would never have to deal with this? Well this is what I would tell them.


Most of my friends will get colds and flus, sinus infections, sore throats, etc. once if not multiple times a year. I used to get them 6-7 times a year and always ended up on antibiotics.

So what do we do about all this? A lot!! We can do a lot and I’m going to break it down for you because all these studies are so confusing that nobody knows what to eat or do anymore. You may think you have no control over it. That getting sick is just part of being alive. That colds are normal and people get them. As far as cancer goes it is the norm to believe it happens because of genes (although that does play a role it is by no means a certainty you will get anything) or it’s just a bad luck of the draw. Well what you may not know is you are in control especially for the majority of my friends who are in their 30′s. This is the time to learn to take the reins to your health. To stop getting sick all the time and to be preventative, while you’re cute, fabulous and feel great! And if you’ve already had a diagnosis, NOW is the time to make sure you never get another one so you can remain cute, fabulous and cancer free forever!

Arm yourself with the truth and educate yourself so you don’t have to suffer through colds, sickness and sore throats. Arm yourself so you don’t have to be 1 in 3 or worse yet 1 in 4 and so I can have all my friends 10, 20 and 30 years from now.

Of course some of us will still get cancer, some of us will still get sick no matter what we do but your little army will be so strong it wont stand a chance, that is if we start training them now. So here it goes:

BUELLER’S HEALTHY BOOTY CAMP (click on a link, learn something new):

1.) CHECK VITAMIN D3 LEVELS (any doctor can do this or order the home kit below):

For my friends who think this doesn’t apply to them because they get enough sun or drink their milk? Take this into consideration:

“To date, not a single person (tested) has met the guidelines for optimum levels of vitamin D as advised by the Vitamin D Council.” – Vitamin D Council

“Researchers in this field are sufficiently concerned from the results of their studies to pronounce that we are in the midst of an epidemic of vitamin D deficiency of immense proportion.” ~ Duane Graveline MD MPH, former NASA Astronaut, former USAF flight surgeon, and retired family doctor.

“Because vitamin D is so cheap and so clearly reduces all-cause mortality, I can say this with great certainty: Vitamin D represents the single most cost-effective medical intervention in the United States.” ~ Dr. Greg Plotnikoff, Medical Director, Penny George Institute for Health and Healing, Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis.

Make sure your levels are between 50-80ug/ml.

Order a home test here or have your doctor do one (just make sure it is for D3 and NOT D2)

Other articles on Vitamin D

It’s a simple test and simple supplement. Moreover, it may save a life. At the very least it will improve health dramatically.

2.) CHECK HEAVY METAL LEVELS (any doctor can do this)

For all my sushi and seafood loving friends, checking your heavy metal levels is crucial (especially mercury). High mercury levels suppress the immune system and robs the body of valuable minerals it needs because mercury acts as a mimic, binding to magnesium, calcium sites, etc. so your body can’t absorb the real thing. More here.

Know which fish are safe by using this chart – wild caught, small fish are best.

Many people are high in levels they don’t even know about like aluminum, thalium or in my case lead (and mercury).

Heavy metals and Vitamin D: the autism link

3.) DRINK YOUR GREENS (and stop getting colds):

Greens alkalize the body thus creating an inhospitable habitat for colds and flus that can only flourish in an acidic environment. Our diets (high in processed foods, sugar, sodas, pizza, etc.) have made us too acidic which causes sickness and disease. We need to counter balance that with greens.

Get one of these a day (either a green smoothie, a green juice or a green powder). This will dramatically improve health and keep you from getting colds and flus. Read more on this here.

Check alkalinity using pH strips:

Here are three easy ways to Alkalize the body (Green Smoothie, Green Juice, Green Powder):

GREEN SMOOTHIE: (1 handful spinach or romaine, 1/2 bag frozen peaches, 2 cups water, some green powder (optional) blend and drink): more on this here

don’t want to drink a smoothie try GREEN JUICE: (using a juicer: romaine or spinach, 1 apple, celery, chard, cucumber, lemon): more here

Trader Joe’s Essential Greens Drink

Don’t want to drink green juice try GREEN POWDER DRINK MIX:

MacroGreens and ProGreens

or ProGreen Powder Packets To Go

Don’t want to drink powder mixes try GREEN POWDER PILLS (just a sampling of 2 kinds I like):

Ph-ion Green and Kyolic Kyo Green

And of course eat your greens as well!


This means grass fed hormone free beef, chicken, lamb, pork, RAW MILK , grass fed butter, free range hormone free eggs (preferably not fed on grain), etc. Think of it this way. Anything the animal eats or is shot with, you are eating and being shot with. This means unwanted hormones, antibiotics, corn, etc. For example, if you are gluten intolerant and you drink milk from a cow that has eaten foods with gluten (grain fed instead of grass fed) your milk will have gluten even though milk is considered a gluten free food. Trace your food back to the source, see what your food is eating and make sure it’s what it should be eating. People always complain that Whole Foods is so expensive. Food should be expensive. Food is medicine. If you eat the right stuff you will never need the pharmaceutical kind or at least not very often. Also, farmer’s markets are not expensive so know your farmer and buy it straight from the source. Local, pesticide free, is best.


Sugar and refined flours have been stripped of their minerals and vitamins. This means they are missing what the body knows they need. Our bodies are not stupid. Nature is not stupid. You can’t pull one over on it. If you eat foods that have been altered the body is like a stubborn robot and will search until it finds what it has been told it needs. This means when you eat sugar your body knows it is missing the minerals it is supposed to come with and it will search your body to find them since it didn’t come with the sugar itself. First it will tell your brain, hey wait? you need to eat more sugar because we didn’t get “all” of it. This causes cravings. Kind of like crack! Seriously, it’s not your fault. It’s a chemical addiction. Then when it realizes the minerals are never coming it will go to your bones and your organs and it will pull it out of there and strip your body of what it needs to function. This is the real cause of osteoporosis.

Not to mention what it does to your insulin levels and thus your pancreas.

Give your body whole, complete foods that have not been processed. Try and leave the refined sugars and refined flours to the least possible consumption. Try!

Sugar also depresses the immune system and ‘feeds cancer’:

Instead of sugar, whenever possible use, stevia, maple syrup (B grade is best as it’s been less filtered than A and has more minerals), blackstrap unsulphured molasses, date sugar, raw organic cane juice (in freezer at WF in Pasadena), raw honey, xylotol or as a last resort evaporated cane juice.

Also, cut out all ‘diet’ anything and artificial sweeteners, they just make you sick and fat:

Instead of refined grains, eat whole grains (sprouted grain and sourdough breads are best because they break down the phytic acid in grains that inhibit nutrient absorption and improves digestibility)

Food For Life Bread and French Meadow Bakery

Instead of pasteurized milk drink Raw Milk/Cream and eat Raw Grass Fed Butter and unpasteurized cheese (if avail in your state): more on this here


80% of your immune system is in your gut. 80% !!! This is caused by good bacteria. Most of us have not cultivated this bacteria and don’t have the levels we need to be healthy. So make sure you are repopulating your gut with the good guys so the bad guys don’t take over. More on this here.

Ortho Biotic (doesn’t require refrigeration)


“New cancer prevention guidelines from the American Cancer Society say at least 30 minutes a day of dedicated exercise above and beyond the usual activities of daily life on five or more days a week is needed to really reduce your cancer risk.”


“In healing any imbalance, whether energetic or physical, you must always involve both your mind and your heart.” – Carolyn Myss

Read my dad’s blog post called: A wish for more happiness and joy


Don’t expect perfection, don’t beat yourself when you eat something less than ideal. Life is all about balance. Be good most of the time. Perhaps allow yourself to splurge on a favorite food on Sundays or the weekend. Balance your meat and potatoes with a green smoothie in the morning or the afternoon. Enjoy it all! Especially your friends and family. Laugh often. Laughter and joy improves your immune system.


A Good Day

(so relaxing and inspirational)

If you are hungry for more here are some great sources:

My dear friend Kris Carr is full of wisdom:


Crazy Sexy Life - a great health blog by health guru Kris Carr who is a dear friend and who I learned most everything from:

Crazy Sexy Cancer DVD Documentary (an amazing documentary everyone should watch, I highly recommend this!!!!!)

Also, her books are great, she is a pro at stopping and controlling cancer:

Anticancer by Dr. Servan-Schreiber - survivor of brain cancer and discusses foods and things to do to help reverse disease

Spent by Dr. Lipman (an amazing doctor with a very easy to follow diet plan)

Regenerative Nutrition: A Diet for Health and Healing

The Acid /Alkaline Diet for Optimal Health by Christopher Vasey

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Raw Chocolate Banana Cheesecake

November 24th, 2009 · No Comments

3 ripe bananas
4 dates
2 cups cashews
1 cup water (more if too thick, should be very thick shake consistency)
fresh pressed cane juice to taste (can also use maple syrup, molasses, or raw honey)
1 bar unsweetened milk free chocolate
1 cup melted coconut butter
(blend all ingredients until smooth)
Raw Chocolate Banana Cheesecake with Brazil Nut crust

(1-2 cups) brazil nuts
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
lemon juice (from one lemon)
6 dates
(chop in cuisinart but leave somewhat rough so it will be crunchy)

Press crust into a pan (a spring pan is useful so you can easily get it out)
Pour in blended ‘cheesecake’ and put in fridge.
Ready when solid.

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November 23rd, 2009 · No Comments

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Today is a gift, be grateful!

November 20th, 2009 · No Comments

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Compassion and Understanding: “honor the stranger”

November 14th, 2009 · No Comments

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The Cervical Cancer Vaccine may Not Work, but Broccoli Does

November 12th, 2009 · 7 Comments

My two favorites for lowering excess estrogen are:



Calcium D Glucarate.

Also Velvet Deer Antler has said to be great at hormone balancer as well but I have not researched it so you should do your own and Symplex F looks interesting as well.

From Natural News:

The Cervical Cancer Vaccine may Not Work, but Broccoli Does
(NaturalNews) Gardasil, a vaccine designed to prevent cervical cancer in women, has recently been the target of debate about its safety and efficacy. While young girls have been dying and key researchers are saying the vaccine doesn’t work, there are dozens of studies using natural compounds in broccoli that DO work to not only PREVENT but possibly TREAT cervical cancer as well.

Cervical cancer is very slow growing and is generally treatable with minor interventions when caught early; hence, pap smears have been recommended as a routine part of an annual physical exam for decades. But a paradigm shift in cervical cancer thought occurred in 1984 when it was discovered that the Human Papilloma Virus causes cervical cancer. Drug researchers immediately went to work on a vaccine and their dream came true when Gardasil, the first cervical cancer vaccine, was released in 2006. A disease mostly controlled with routine screenings became the new public health threat that immediately required mandatory vaccinations for every young woman in the US, whether at risk or not.

But while new evidence is coming to light that young women are suffering serious health effects and even death from a vaccine that may not even do what it is intended to do, readily available strategies for prevention of cervical cancer are being completely overlooked. Broccoli and other ‘Brassicas’ like cabbage and Brussels sprouts have long been touted as health foods- and with good reason. Antioxidants and anticancer agents are continually being isolated from this family of vegetables, making them some of the biggest health powerhouses available. One particular compound in broccoli called Indole-3-Carbinol, also called I3C, has been isolated and studied for over 2 decades for its anti-cancer properties.

“Studies increasingly indicate that dietary
indole-3-carbinol (I3C) prevents the development of
estrogen-enhanced cancers including breast,
endometrial and cervical cancers”
‘Indole-3-Carbinol Is a Negative Regulator of Estrogen’

I3C’s chemoprotective properties are unquestioned in the many animal and laboratory studies that have been done. And with only two adverse reactions having ever been reported, human studies have proven it to have an astonishingly good safety profile. The research using I3C against cervical cancer is extremely promising as well. In one double-blind placebo controlled trial, a full one-half of women with biopsy-proven early stage cervical cancer had COMPLETE REGRESSION of their cancer where NONE in the control group did. That means that simply by supplementing once daily with I3C, 50% of these women’s cancers were completely reversed. In addition, animal studies not ONLY show that supplementation with I3C can prevent cervical cancer in the animals taking it, but it ALSO prevents cervical cancer in their offspring!

“Addition of chemoprotective agents to the maternal diet
during pregnancy and nursing may be an effective new approach
in reducing the incidence of cancers in children and young adults.”
‘Indole-3-carbinol in the maternal diet provides chemoprotection
for the fetus against transplacental carcinogenesis’

The benefits of I3C don’t stop there, though; other studies have shown that it can help to prevent and treat breast, endometrial, vulvar, skin and prostate cancers as well. But even while I3C is being ignored as a natural supplement, drug researchers are feverishly attempting to reproduce its properties in the lab in order to create a patentable synthetic anticancer agent. In the study ‘A potent indole-3-carbinol-derived Antitumor agent’ , the researchers called its anticancer effects “weak” and therefore they are “…exploiting indole-3-carbinol to develop potent antitumor agents”. But “weak” is not the first word that comes to mind when discussing this natural substance that reduces cancer by:

Lowering ‘bad’ estrogen levels,
Killing cancer cells directly,
Inhibiting the viruses associated with these cancers and
Strengthening the immune system.

Like most natural substances, doctors’ offices and medical centers are ignoring this research and, instead, are having teenage girls line up for a shot with a nebulous safety profile that may not even be effective. Yet, it would be far safer, less expensive and likely more effective if public health campaigns were directed at teaching women the benefits of eating foods like broccoli and cabbage that are naturally rich in anticancer compounds like I3C.

From http://www.naturalnews.com/027463_cancer_cervical_broccoli.html

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