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Another one for Victory Corner! Yay Nancy!

March 14th, 2010 · 1 Comment

This post is from one of my readers named Nancy. She is an amazing woman who took her health into her own hands and reversed her dysplasia and HPV. What an inspiration! Here’s her story in her own words:

The first time I was diagnosed with HPV was February 2009, I was 32 years old. A week prior getting the results from my doctor I went in for a routine pap test. I didn’t think anything of it because I always had normal results. When I got the dreadful call I was shocked. I had no clue what HPV was. This was our conversation.

Me: What is HPV?
Doctor: It’s a sexually transmitted virus.
Me (warning, may sound silly): How did I get it?
Doctor: Are you sexually active?
Me: Yes
Doctor: That’s how.

So simple yet I still couldn’t believe that I got it sexually because I thought I was extremely careful and responsible when it came to my sexual health. You’ll know what I mean when you read further.

As soon as I got off the phone I felt despondent and right away I hit the internet. 
Supposedly, women are at greater risk to contract HPV and develop into cervical dysplasia when they are: 

sexually active before the age of 16
multiple partners
 multiple pregnancies
…I have never been pregnant before nor did I ever smoke. The first time I was sexually active I was 21. I’ve slept with a whopping four men my whole life (including my fiancé). I’ve had every partner get tested for STIs. Everything was negative, BUT what I discovered men can NOT get tested for HPV in a routine check up. This is why I was so confused how I could have contracted this virus. So in other words anyone can get HPV as long as you are sexually active and men cannot even tell you if they have it unless they know from a previous relationship. Further, even if condoms are used you could still get this this virus because it is transmitted through skin contact.

My doctor had me come in for a cloposcopy. They discovered some abnormalities all around my cervix and went straight for the biopsy (which was so painful). I was then diagnosed with CIN1. Like every women who gets these results I was petrified. Who wants to be diagnosed with pre-cancer cells down there especially if you haven’t given birth yet? 

Fortunately, I found buellerskitchen.com. I felt it was a God send. I did my best to follow the diet to reverse the HPV and cervical dysplasia.

This is what I did diligently:
4 mg of Folic Acid
B12 supplement 1 a day

Mutli-Vitamin 1 a day

VRL Detox 1 capsule 2 times daily

Monolaurein 2 caps 2 times a day

Vitamin C – 1,000mg 4 times a day – 2,000 in the morning and 2 in the evening
Macrogreens powder twice a day.
Two servings of the actual dandelion vegetable
A cup of Green Tea once a day
Consume at least six servings of vegetables a day
Granny smith apple a day
Grapefruit every other day
Rice protein twice a day

Week 1:Vitanica – Vitamin A for 6 days (1 suppository each day for Days 1-6)

Day 7: Vitanica -  VagPack suppository (2 suppositories on Day 7

Week 2: 20 drops of Green Tea tincture over tampon for 6 days (1 suppository each day for Days 8-14)

Week 3:  Vag Pack suppositories (2 suppositories on Day 15)
One week off and then repeat cycle.
I repeated for 8 weeks.

When it came to Medicinal Mushrooms I didn’t start them until four months later. When I did I took one every other day.

Also, my diet was about 50-60% raw. I ate plenty of vegetables and nuts but I did eat cooked foods as well. I ate red meat only once a month if that, fish once a week, and poultry about once a week. I had plenty of legumes and rice in my diet. Sugar intake was at a minimal. I would spread some honey or agave nectar over rice bread in case of a sugar craving. Most importantly I tried to maintain an alkaline diet (drank lots of pure lemonade).

No smoking
No alcohol
No caffeine

One month before my scheduled pap test in September 2009 I purchased some tinctures (calendula, Vitamin A, green tea) and tampons from Whole Foods. I would then make my own vaginal suppositories with tinctures. I would leave the moist tampon inside me for about 12 hours. When I took it out the first time I noticed the tampon was clear except for a small blood spot. I repeated the process again at night, and then in the morning I noticed the same blood spot in the same area where I assumed it was located on my cervix. I then kept repeating this process until it all cleared up – no blood spot. It took about ten days.

September came and I was ready for my pap test. A week goes by and I got the call that I still have HPV. I went through the same emotions. I was despondent once again. I asked the doctor “how could I still have this virus when I’ve been taking good care of myself by eating right and consuming vitamins?” I was told “no diet or vitamins can help this virus. It doesn’t work that way.”

Well I didn’t want to believe that. So I went in for my 2nd cloposcopy and the great news was I had NO dysplasia. I was so happy. I was ecstatic. I maintained my regime and started adding:
SALMON OIL (by Wild Alaskan)
COCONUT OIL (by Jungle Products) in my diet
WHEATGRASS tablets (by Pines)

I then went back for another scheduled appointment in February 2010 and was thrilled to find out that my pap test was completely NORMAL. HPV NEGATIVE. I was speechless. I had a great day.

In a strange way being diagnosed with HPV was a blessing in disguise. This virus taught me how to eat healthy and take care of myself.

I only hope now that my experience with this virus and diet can only help someone who needs it.


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  • 1 kudrak // Mar 14, 2010 at 5:19 pm

    Incredible. This is so great. I just got diagnosed with CIN3 and I am just getting started on the process, researching everything and figuring out my whole plan. Congratulations..I will keep you posted.

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